Matty (mattymorgs) wrote,

Gone Mad

The shop continues as strong as I can make it. With the help of everyone here we are keeping in the game. It is sad to hear when another store goes out of business. I don't know...admittedly sometimes I just wonder...

Working for yourself in anything is tough. Bills pile up. Taxes due. Legalities abound. It is stressful and every day is a new challenge. Some have the personality to take this on. I'd like to think that I do. If it weren't for the people who come to the store I can say I wouldn't be doing what I am. They are why I get up, work hard, and struggle through debt and sleepless nights.

Unless you actually DO this - live this lifestyle - I cannot describe it to you accurately. This is also, for those who chide business owners as richy-riches, fatcats, greedy, etc., I am so impassioned to correct. Many times the line is tight and things can be month-to-month. Juggling, negotiating, budgeting, and savvy are needed and I have failed to keep several of those plates spinning. It just takes one slip and things go awry.

What if I had to close?

That is the tough question I have to face, and ask myself, every day. Not as a source of fear, but a motivator to stay up on things.

Oh, also as it has been customary for my posts I am pissed off at Congress (Rs and Ds). What a bunch of weaklings who must love to masturbate politically in front of the entire nation. It is sickening. 2012 can't come fast enough to flush the crap out of there.

I just may be a beard and scattergun away from being a mountain man, or maybe more people agree with me than it seems?

Some day I will have a happy-go-lucky post like the days of yore. Hang in there.
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