Matty (mattymorgs) wrote,

Ten Four Good Buddy

Frustration with government abounds. Apparently our constitution is just something we should forget about. Sigh. Is it November yet? Politically, anyway. I can't really want to waste away the summertime. Things at the shop are ok but I always seem to be baffled by something or another. Something comes up, a rival shop appears, so many products to stock but limited purchasing cash. It's a challenge. But an enjoyable one. For as much as I may be absent or grumble, it is something I love to do and hope that all of you with the entrepreneur's spirit come into your own with it.

My tenth high school anniversary is coming up soon. Ten years?! I'll have been without dad for four soon. Milestones, landmarks, and all manner of waysides that one can measure their life by keep on comin' down the pike. I work hard, I live as best I can. For the fact I can still do both I am thankful, and for all of those who have touched my life, even in negative ways, they all ultimately cumulate to who I am now. So thanks.
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