Matty (mattymorgs) wrote,

Pat on the back.

Wow, the House of Reps. just gave themselves a $2T+ additional "limit" in debt that they can spend. Of course if they don't then "checks to Social Security recipients will have to end". I'm sure there is nowhere else they can stop spending as they make this threat against politically vulnerable people. This whole budget is a joke.


See that number? That is ADDITIONAL DEBT we are drawing a line in the sand (on a windy day) to not cross. Two trillion. Not million. Not billion. Trillion. How do any of you out there actually take some kind of pride in what's going on? Hopefully you don't but I'm certainly open to hearing how someone can. Please tell me because I'm seeking some understanding. Apparently I am really missing something if this past year has been the best thing to happen to the history of our country since...well, they don't consider our Constitution a historical start so I can't really use that.
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