Matty (mattymorgs) wrote,

Le tired.

The title is actually related to continuing national politics. I'm pretty taken aback by D.C. right now. Are any of you out there that actually voted for Obama having any kind of buyer's remorse? I, just wow. I'm looking forward to 2010 and subsequently 2012 to come quickly. It's not just the White House, either. Congress is doing a royal job pissing me off as well.

Setting aside my reservations about our country's dictatorship leadership, things have been brisk. Considering many things, I am fortunate in that I have been able to hang in there business wise. It really takes the culmination of the local community to do so I can't take all the credit but to be the center of something special in the midst of hard times really warms my help. Teaching competition, responsibility, tenants of friendships and other relationships, it is just a wonderful experience (and would explain my politically misenthropic lean). Oh, I'm also 28 now as of 9/25. And have two cats.

All the same I hope that you all out there in LJ Land are doing well!

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