Matty (mattymorgs) wrote,

Interesting Day

I've recently gotten back from Wisconsin at a retailers' summit and I'm bushed. It was a lot of fun. I still get my weekend to boot! I've come back with a lot of good ideas that will see the store continue to morph into even more of a success. So as to that I am quite happy.

As for our Did any of you listen to his speech Wednesday? How about his speech (or specifically his deigning of the day) today en memorium to the eight anniversary of 9/11? How this man continues to both fascinate and deceive (fortunately now less than) half of America is beyond me. I've no doubt that he wants to help the United States but the way he intends on doing it is farcical. His single-minded purpose to lay the groundwork for universal healthcare would be impressive if it wasn't so destructive.

In other news it seems fall is settling in over Ohio which reminds me that I need to wash/wax my car to get it ready. I should also do a bit more cleaning around the store for this weekend and the apartment to lay the way for two of my sister's approximately seventeen cats*. It'll be good to see Baghera again.


*Estimate only, true number of cats is currently unknown.
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You are a dangerous person who may be joining/starting/assisitng/considering a militia. I will email the white house all of your information. Big Brother has spoken.
Every time I hear this universal medical care crap I wince. I grew up with that shit ...military parent = free medical care = total crap. I know a lot of the bullshit that happened there was partly because NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS AT THE MILITARY ACADEMY. Everyone dies old and peacefully in their sleep, there is no such thing as cancer, heart disease, or whatever else that ails ya. So they refused to diagnose people properly ...well, maybe not refuse, but they 'miss' a lot of obvious problems, a lot.

I can't go back to it. I just can't. I want Obama to start talking to military families that do live with free medical and see just what a crap fest it is. I'm sorry, but everything can't be fixed with Motrin IB....
Agreed and thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately these examples "don't count" because apparently "it won't be like that" even though it will and we will see rationing of care, underpaid bills (though what can a doctor do if the government chooses not to pay them?), and everyone being treated equally...miserably.

While I do believe in reform, I do not believe in "change" and while generally I have no problems with a lot of what he wants to do, there are just some major, GLARING issues I almost feel insulted by him proposing.