Matty (mattymorgs) wrote,

Up for air.

A lot has been going on as my lack of being on here much indicates. I hope you all in LJ Land have been happy and productive. I'll offer a quick recap of what has occurred...

1. Still running my business. Until you actually do something like this for yourself it is difficult to describe the love and sadness, stress and euphoria involved. Well, maybe if you have had is kind of like that I suppose.

2. Still upset with the gubmint. How anyone, even those on the left, can still like what is happening is beyond me. Do any of you actually buy what is happening or how it is being explained? How about that $4 gas that apparently has nothing to do with federal policy at all? Just sickening...

3. I want to travel more. I haven't been out of state in a while and out of country in a couple years. That will help clear the cobwebs and maybe I can meet some of my friends scattered since various days of yore.

4. I dunno, stuff. Filler. Bla bla bla. OMG lol wut u say? 4rlz?

5. Been playing and enjoying a lot of Minecraft, have any of you tried it?

Hope I can start to reconnect!
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