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Blah, it has been a while and I need to at least make a reasonable attempt to maintain my thoughts here else...well, what good is this serving me? It is mid-December now and things have been slow and steady (more on the steadily slow side). It has been good to see family and whatnot but I've had some overarching personal concerns that have had me down for a while. A couple months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes stemming from a physical which also revealed high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sleep apnea. Fortunately these are being taken care of little by little. My weight has been going down and I will be getting a CPAP or BiPAP soon. I am on meds for the diabetes and blood pressure, but not cholesterol yet as we are going to wait and see how the rest of my body works with its changes in lifestyle first. Hopefully with restoring my body chemistry, sleeping better, and losing weight I can get off the BP medication too. That just leaves me with my twice-a-day pills and injections for the 'beetus.

I've felt a bit better politically since November but I am still somewhat disappointed (fully realizing I can never be satisfied all the time when it comes to this). What saddens me the most is the class warfare being promoted by our political "leaders". For some reason it is entirely ok to treat differently, dislike, or completely throw "rich" people under the bus. In today's world would you or anyone else survive in the public light by advocating treating blacks differently? We are told by our leaders to NOT be productive, strive to accumulate personal success and wealth, or to actually be leaders ourselves by employing others or creating goods/services that others desire. If you do that, you are the enemy, one of "those people". The next time you hear a politician on TV say that the rich should be taxed more (any other issues aside) I want you to replace rich with something else: black, gay, Muslim, women, Catholics, etc.

Hope that things are going well for you and yours. Take care.
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