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An interesting view.

On a personal note life has kept me busy. Things have been interesting and certainly a bit tight money-wise. Thanks to Congress and our President I am now considered a millionaire because of my GROSS income. So to all of you who support class warfare and vote for these people, thanks for raising my taxes because I make a NET 25k or so. Where do my "millions" of dollars go that I obviously use to smoke cigars with hundred dollar bills? Oh, let's see: rent, utilities, payroll, inventory, insurance, gas, groceries, and TAXES. So yeah, here's me venting a sarcastic thank you to you people who continue to vote in politicians who enact and rile up class warfare and feel that evil businessowners like me are holding out on paying my fair share into the massive shithole of debt they have wasted us into. I'm sorry I apparently oppressed you and am evil. You are really going to teach me a lesson by making it harder for me to hire more people and allow my business to survive let alone expand. I hope you feel awesome and FAIR about yourself. I certainly got what I deserved. Maybe you can teach me more of a lesson by continuing to support these people, it is obvious that you hate me (since I am a "millionaire" after all).

Here is 1/3 of what our unconstitutional, new, "fair" health care system will look like (as described in nearly 3,000 pages of law which I am sure everyone who voted for it read thoroughly and several times over):


Want a bigger .pdf version of this for yourself?

From the press release...
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