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I've been off the radar a lot lately and that is mostly because I am trying to eke out my life and career, trying to grow and become successful. Making something of myself and helping others to realize their own talents and interests. As any of you who even glance at my LJ know I can be rather unabashed when it comes to my interests in our government. Thus the name for this post in reference to this article:

So yeah. I guess that it was unfair that a law apply to everyone. So unless you are in a union you should be taxed for taking care of yourself with a "cadillac health plan" as it is referred to by politicians. Yup, an extra 40% on top of the premiums that you either pay yourself or your employer pays. For taking care of yourself. That amount of course will be passed on to you as an employee in reduced wages, reduced care, or as a consumer of the product that company produces, you will pay more for it because of this tax.

Hope and change, folks. I guess closed-door meetings that the public is barred from being in witness thereof is fundimental to this plan despite frequent promises of "transparency" and "this will be on C-SPAN". That sweetheart deals with lobbyists, despite the president's promises to keep those fat cats out. This is the one quote in the article that confuses me the most:

The breakthrough on the insurance tax marked a victory for the White House, which has long sought a tax on high-cost, employer-provided plans as a way of curbing the rise in health care expenditures.

How does this CURB a rise in health care expenditures when it RAISES THE COST! Well, unless you are in a union and capable of having someone go to the White House and negotiate with the president you funneled millions of dollars to during his campaign to make sure that you are exempt from national law that could affect you negatively. But for everyone else? It's ok. You deserve to be taxed because you are a fat cat. Because you aren't in a union. You should be penalized for success in your life.

And if this goes through and you lose health care coverage and/or the cost of products rise? Oh, it's the COMPANY'S FAULT for it. Obviously not the government's like the housing collapse was as well.

Four legs good, two legs bad.

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